Post-Massachusetts Poetry Festival – Action Items!

For the fifth year, I have attended the Massachusetts Poetry Festival and returned home filled with inspiration and joy. This is my favorite poetry event, year after year, and I encourage friends and colleagues to attend! I am never disappointed, always enriched. This year, I presented a round table discussion with my dear sisters Antoinette … Read more

Complacency Is a Slow Death – Last Part (for now…)

Our workshop met for the last time yesterday, a 6-week cycle of sessions that I hope directed the writers to new ways of thinking about their work and, for a few, created fuel for new poems and directions. They took the assignment seriously. Each brought a revision of my poem or a complete rewrite as … Read more

No Crying in Baseball or Over Spilt Milk…

My week started with the disappointing news that I, among many who applied, did not receive a NY Foundation for the Arts Independent Artist Fellowship once again. I was so disappointed for any number of reasons and frustrations, not the least of which, the leg up that $7,000 of unrestricted funds would have provided at … Read more