Teachers Leave Lasting Impressions

Miss Mt. Pleasant. Even her name was magic. Soothing. Safe. Something about the idea of a mountain of pleasant, of being a resident of that mountain was captivating for me. I loved my 2nd grade teacher very much. It was a new school, having moved to the east side in October, transferred into a new … Read more

Image Is Everything

Daytime television is populated with powerful, impressive women hosting countless talk shows going over the same issues and welcoming the same thread of actors, singers, You Tube celebrities all on the stump for some product that they give away to the studio audiences, who scream and jump up and down hugging each other, on the … Read more

Georgia Made It Around the Sun Another Time

Dear Ones: “Perhaps you’ve been impatiently waiting for the moment to jump into new adventures after your meditation during the last few months. Know that the moment has almost arrived! You now have the strategy, objective, and means at your disposal to succeed. Just a bit more work remains to be done. Gather your strength … Read more

The Doctor Is In…

There are two things a poet can do that will change the work for the positive and permanently: 1) teach poetry, and 2) serve on a literary journal. Teach what you want to learn has so much merit yet is often diminished. There are those who ascribe to the myth, Those who can, do; those … Read more

Considering Connection on Wednesday…

So I am still waiting for Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson to see that I hope to chat about life, the universe, and everything but he is a busy guy. In the meantime, there are so many things to do. My world is a web woven daily of multiple part-time efforts. Last year, I started to … Read more

Contemplating Openness

I consider myself predominantly open-minded and willing to try new things, as well as accept experiences for whatever I encounter, sensing that I will understand it all eventually. Often it is the case. But sometimes fear stops me like a cork. Sometimes insecurity challenges my confidence and I withdraw or doubt my own capacity or … Read more

New Beginnings…Every Day!

In one of my many self-examining discussions with my dear friend, Jill Ouikahilo (@jill44hearts), she asked why enlightenment was not instantaneous? I was rather flip when I responded that we would not get the lessons that way. But I watch Jill with amazement as she manifests her highest good, and some astounding opportunities, while I … Read more

Why I Want to Talk with Neil deGrasse Tyson & Why I Believe He Would Enjoy the Same

Yesterday I was speaking with my dear friend and inspiration, Jill Ouikahilo (www.44hearts.org), as we often do, sharing our wonders, our fears, our world as cinema, our marvel at the universe. As we neared the bottoms of our respective tea cups, draining the liquid, along with the living truth that is life, Jill declared that … Read more