#gappoetspins Spotify Playlist as of 3/24/2020

I received my first radio for my fifth birthday. I was born in 1953, thus, have lived the entire age of rock & roll to date. I lived in a house filled with music. I slept with my brown transistor radio under my pillow. Sometimes it picked up Cousin Brucie or some West Virginia bluegrass on a clear night. I love music, I have collected music since I was 10, when I got my first album of my own, “Meet the Beatles.” In the early 1980s, I got a dual cassette auto-reverse dubbing deck and I started making mixes to suit the mood, sometimes therapy that served me well.

I am currently attempting to transcribe them all in a Spotify playlist archive. I am also playing with the astounding resource on my screen to create new compilations. I hope you find something that either suits or creates a mood for you, a soundtrack or a private dance party. #poetryhappydance indeed.

I will be making more! Please join me: https://open.spotify.com/user/1257652034?si=mAvIqWnuSoCsVZ8PLVLZqQ

You can see my lists on my media page. Enjoy!

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