Snack Time – New Culinary Discoveries…

When I visit classes in elementary schools, there is an inevitable session that falls just as snack time is ending or scheduled. The students’ desks are topped with an array of finger foods and crunchy treats, juice boxes, carrot sticks in zip lock bags, cookies. The teacher will often have big barrel-shaped plastic containers of snack mix or pretzels as thick as a thumb. They would have paid for that staple out of pocket at Aldi’s or the Dollar Tree.
One of the treats I have been introduced to I find addicting is the junk food delicacy of Takis. A Taki is a Nacho Dorito on steroids, combined with a hint of salt and vinegar potato chip flavor. They stain your tongue and fingers red. They cause your tongue to tingle and pucker. You can only eat about 10 before maxing out.
I cannot find a bag of Takis in upstate NY so I bought a couple of them in Newburgh before I left Orange County at the end of my 2010-11 contract with Middletown Schools. I finished one bag about 6 weeks ago. I am hesitant to open the second because I know that, once I do, there is no turning back. I will devour them over the course of about a week. Then they will be gone.
Thanks again for following my blog. I appreciate your consideration of my words and thoughts.

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