Long Day and What a Moon

Just a quick post tonight.  All day with 6th graders, three different lesson plans for three different phases of the project, dependent on how many times I have met with certain teachers and their classes.  And because I am the Queen of Snow Days and Fire Drills, of course, a fire drill in the 90 degree April morning.  Some folks just have a gift.

Then this evening, my adult class with really focused and talented poets.  Oddly enough, there is not that much difference in how I discuss poetry other than the sophistication of language.  It is still a process and I am still connected to the poems for a series of reasons.  

It is good work.  Tomorrow I will see how making necessary changes to a troubled residency at a different school may lead to success for the students who really want to engage.  I hope for a lovely day.  Perhaps I will realize my prayer and it will be as wonderful as today was.  Perhaps I will see the glimmer of excitement and self-satisfaction in tomorrow’s students I witnessed today.

When it all comes down to it, the work is about enthusiasm, sharing it, creating it, supporting it.  And everything else is diminished by the breathtaking glimpse of the sheerest crescent moon on a night so clear that the reflection of light outlines the entire satellite in dusty orange.  There is nothing more captivating in the night sky, without benefit of a telescope.
Thanks again for following my blog. I appreciate your consideration of my words and thoughts.

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