Ebb, Flow, and the Full Moon

So here’s the deal. As artists who choose to work in education, we are often freelancers, independent contractors, consultants. We have walked out on some shaky limb for one of any number of reasons. And we need to be paid on a timely basis or we contribute more to the mess that the economy is in. But it is worth the frustration to have this work now and this schedule. It just means that the universe has some smoothin’ out to do…
Nuff said…nite nite…
Thanks again for following my blog. I appreciate your consideration of my words and thoughts.

1 thought on “Ebb, Flow, and the Full Moon”

  1. why is that? i mean, bills from other professionals get paid in a timely manner (for the most part). and even in the service industry, i wouldn't dream of having a new garage door installed, then, after enjoying the convenience it brings, ignore the bill. it's sometimes difficult enough to get people to value art enough to engage with it…why would anyone then assume that our love for the artform outweighs our need to pay our bills? nerve struck. linda


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