Considering Connection on Wednesday…

So I am still waiting for Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson to see that I hope to chat about life, the universe, and everything but he is a busy guy.
In the meantime, there are so many things to do. My world is a web woven daily of multiple part-time efforts. Last year, I started to resign from volunteer positions in favor of furthering opportunities for billable work. At this point in my life, anything I am asked to lend my skills and talents to is of value so saying no is a challenge. But I also need time for things like marketing myself, fulfilling the obligations and duties I am involved in well, walking the dog, reading, knitting, a meal here and there, friends and family, and my own creative output. Notice sleep is not on the list.
All of the things I do now are linked to the primary identity of poet that I uphold and that is a blessing. And many of the organizations, projects, programs, initiatives, are connected in some way, or could be when I view through my lens.
I have a particular skill in connecting people to their mutual advantage and I am fully steeped in the premise of collaboration. We are all connected in ways that have value and purpose. Even the fact that I am participating in the 10-Day Journey of the Heart was born of my connective tissue and is strengthening my reach to new people at an astounding pace.
I feel connected to the entourage of seekers that is on the journey to Turkey, in the same way when any of my friends go on spiritual retreat, I feel I receive some of the vibration to benefit me as well. I link to their force and my own is bolstered through empathy and the mystery of the universe. We are all capable of this level of compassion, empathy, and vibration. We just need to be aware. It is another aspect of accepting that Grace that is everywhere; in the recognition of it we are soothed and supported. 
So a small team of curious humans climbed into a tin can and were propelled through the atmosphere halfway around the world and I can almost smell the food they are eating when I look at the photos. And by sharing my responses to their reports, I am connected to people I have never met face-to-face but who are watching over me from India, Ireland, Malaysia, Turkey, the UK, throughout the US, and from across town.
Simply through a small class at the Downtown Writers Center, I am now connected to a group of new residents to Syracuse, recently here from Cuba. I share my connections with the community at large and they are now not so isolated and I am resuming use of the Spanish I buried through no practical application for 40 years. And I have a new circle of friends in the massive Venn Diagram that is my life, as well as all of our lives. All this before I even begin to consider the interconnectedness of the universe and its elements. I read Dr. Tyson and Commander Chris Hadfield to try to integrate the huge ramifications.
A friend in Australia can take an on-line class with me we are poets together, in spite of 14 hours‘ difference in the human contraption of time and miles of geography between us. I can connect with a dear college friend and resume the relationship after many years of living rather separately. I compose poems with a crew of poets from every crevice of the US on Facebook. And I had conversations just this week with dear ones in Orlando, FL, Oakland and Chico, CA, maintaining the love between us through the wires. I had better renew my passport. I think opportunities will abound.
Thank you, Alexander Graham Bell, Mark Zuckerberg (happy 30th birthday), Jill Ouikahilo, and all of you who have chosen to read these words. I know you are there. I check my stat counter regularly. And you are a rainbow, a beautiful arc over this world of ours.    
Thanks again for following my blog. I appreciate your consideration of my words and thoughts.

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