Post Script – Extrapolation

Just a quick addition to the blog from this morning:  remember this – 17 teachers and aides, a whole grade level in an all-day in-service means the expense of an equal number of substitutes for the day.  Plus all the prep those teachers did so they could attend.  No small feat!  And what an administrator … Read more

Long Day and What a Moon

Just a quick post tonight.  All day with 6th graders, three different lesson plans for three different phases of the project, dependent on how many times I have met with certain teachers and their classes.  And because I am the Queen of Snow Days and Fire Drills, of course, a fire drill in the 90 … Read more

The end of a long week

I have been at this work for more than 10 years and this week has some of the most delightful and some of the most distressing moments I have ever encountered as a teaching artist.  How is it that this happens?  This school year, I estimate that I will be teaching approximately 1,800 students by … Read more

The beginning…

This is the initial blog of my train of thought.  I will be sharing elements of my work as a teaching artist focused on poetry, particularly poetry in the classroom, grades K-12; however, I also teach adult education so there may be stories from there as well.  Thanks for joining me on this excursion.  I … Read more