Digging Yellow Dock Is Always A Potent Metaphor

Saturday morning, fairly early and definitely quiet. I am bearing witness to the slow waking of my neighborhood, the first weekend the students are back. Classes start Monday. The tone has changed. Still, over the trill of crickets and songbirds’ breakfast chatter, a church bell sounds in the distance, signal that morning mass is over. … Read more

More on Making Things…

Ask.com answers my query with the following: Poem is from the Greek poema, a noun derived from the verb poie-o, to make or do. Poets are often called makers.Thanks to my dear friend Linda Moore for bringing this derivation to my attention originally.  It is this making that keeps swirling through my thoughts. Too many … Read more

Complacency Is a Slow Death

This summer, as I focus on teaching adults rather than classrooms of school kids, a conversation surfaced in the poetry workshop regarding critique and suggestions from one writer to another. One of the workshop participants took issue with another participant for the habit of offering rewrite suggestions. He felt that it was against protocol to … Read more